CAN-Do Program for LEAF (and other EVs)
CAN Message Analysis - by GaryG

Evolving versions, used by several, but still use at your own risk.

This program is provided as contribution-ware in an attempt to help you
increase your enjoyment and understanding of your EV's CAN buss data.
For private, non-comercial use only.
All rights are reserved by VIPS: Video Image Presentation Systems.

Installation on various PC operating systems:

Links to Download CAN-Do program versions:

These links allow you to download a zipped executable (.exe) file. Usually, the newer executable file can just be copied over the older executable file, if any. The exe file may be placed in any directory.

If no install is needed, or if it is not known that an install is necessary for your OS, first try downloading this "zip" file, extracting the file(s), and runing the "exe" file, before trying the install (which is not yet) below. This is a LOT easier if it works.

If possible, use the latest version listed (far) below.

Links to Download Files needed for CAN-Do to Run:

These groups of DLL and OCX files are small, but zipped.
If used, generally unzip into the CAN-Do program's directory.

Caution: Generally, do not use these files unless the normal install fails
to produce a running CAN-Do, or CAN-Do asks for a file it cannot find.

Links to Download CAN-Recipe Files:

These CAN-Recipe files are small, but zipped.
The only file name currently supported (by CAN-Do v139 and v141) is VarParmList.csv
Unzip into the CAN-Do program's directory.
The Recipe file can be viewed and (carefully) edited with a spreadsheet program.

Caution: do not accidently overwrite your good, created Recipe file.
If you have good new Recipe items, for now you may email them to me.
Please make it obvious which items are the newly-discovered ones.
Sometime soon I will add a function to merge Recipe files.

Links to Download CAN-Log Test Files:

These data files are sometimes large, but are zipped, and may be unzipped into any directory.
Groups of related Logs will usually be in a zipped folder.

Sometimes one or two OCX files are missing from an OS (like Win7),
and simply copying them (from the Support folder in my SuDoKu
Help-U-Solve distribution below) to C:\Windows\System32\ is sufficient.

Or, the missing files might be in the "Ubuntu / WinOS" ver 2 file above.

Trying to run CAN-Do, on a new Win7 64-bit system, it complained of missing
the MSCOMM32.OCX and COMDLG32.OCX files, so I copied them to System32.
(These two files were missing, so overwriting existing files was not necessary.)
Then, after checking Run as Administrator and running CAN-Do once,
CAN-Do seemed to work normally.

WARNING: Do this at your own risk.

Links to Download the CAN-Do Setup and Install diskette images:

For use only when an install of the VB6 Runtime support is necessary
(not already included in the OS or SP).

WARNING: Use this Setup and Install at your own risk.
The MS/VB-generated Setup package (done on XP Home SP2)
seems to have problems completing on some other systems,
particularly concerning the 'installation' of the oleaut32.dll file.

I got a "MSComm32.ocx or asociated files" error on my Acer Win7 64 bit laptop.
So, I installed a "Distribution" for my Puzzle (also VB6) application
(in below) and CAN-Do now works fine.

During the install, Win7 said two files already had later versions installed so I said do not overwrite the newer ones.

Then, it complained of trouble registering two files, the same first file, and probably the same 2nd file, and I said "Skip" these two registrations.

So, install my "Puzzle" appliation using the file that you can download below.

Just unzip this to a folder, and run the Setup.exe file to install the VB6 support and my Help-U-Solve (Sudoku Puzzles) program.

Please let me know what happens.

Links to other related Pages:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I use it to see the SOC on the Dashboard?
    1. After putting the exe in a folder and getting a test data file, start the program, "Browse" for the data file, and click "Read Bin".

    This FAQ page is a work in progress, so your good suggestions are welcome.

    E-Mail puzzle and program-related comments to: Gary G
    Please put "CANDO" (in caps, without the quotes) in the subject line so that your email is not filtered out as "junk" email. Thanks.
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