My Sketches for Arduino Due
by GaryG

Evolving versions, please use at your own risk.

These Sketches are provided as contribution-ware in an attempt to help you
increase your enjoyment and understanding of the new Arduino Due R3.
For private, non-comercial use only.
All rights are reserved by VIPS (Video Image Presentation Systems).

Arduino IDE installation on Operating Systems:

Links to Download Sketches for the Arduino Due R3:

These links allow you to download a zip file, which produces a Sketch folder when unzipped.
Usually, a newer Sketch file can just be copied over an older Sketch file, if any.
The Sketch folders should be places in your own Sketch directory.

Usually, the latest version listed below is "better", but earlier versions might be instructive.
Most Sketches are derived from other Sketches, like the Examples included in the IDE.
However, it appears that some Examples were not tested with the Due.

These are derived from the Examples, tested on my Due:

Links to download Due Library Folders:

Links to other Pages of Interest to Me:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I ...?
    1. Unzipping a Sketch file creates a folder, and ....

    This page is a work in progress, so your good suggestions are welcome.

    Email comments and zipped Sketches to: Gary G
    Please put "DUE-SKETCH" (in caps, without the quotes) in the subject line so that your email is not filtered out as "junk" email. Thanks.
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