Sudoku Help-U-Solve Program
by GaryG

Not yet completely tested, BETA versions, use at your own risk.

This program is provided as contribution-ware in an attempt to help you
increase your enjoyment and understanding of the popular Sudoku puzzles.
For private, non-comercial use only.
All rights are reserved by VIPS: Video Image Presentation Systems.

Installation on various PC operating systems:

Sorry, Mac OS, Unix, etc. not supported.

Links to Download later Help-U-Solve versions (and Puzzles.txt files):

These versions contain an executable (.exe) file and a Puzzles file. Usually, the newer executable file can just be copied over the older executable file, if any - usually found in the C:\Program Files\Help-U-Solve\ directory.

If you have added (Saved) puzzles to your existing Puzzles.txt file, you might want to avoid overwriting that file.

If no install is needed, or if it is not known that an install is necessary for your OS, first try downloading this "zip" file, extracting the files, and runing the "exe" file, before trying the install below. This is a LOT easier if it works.

Links to Download the Help-U-Solve 2.0 Setup and Install diskette images:

For use only when an install of the VB Runtime support is necessary
(not already included in the OS or SP).

WARNING: Use this Setup and Install at your own risk.
The MS/VB-generated Setup package (done on XP Home SP2)
seems to have problems completing on other systems,
particularly concerning the 'installation' of the oleaut32.dll file.

Links to other Sudoku Pages:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Doesn't this make it too easy?
  • Are you planning to make additions?
  • Can you generate new Puzzles?
    1. Yes, it does the easy stuff, but it still leaves the harder stuff for you to do. If all you want is a solution, then you might think that the program is not (yet) capable enough.

    2. Yes, I would like to add helps and hints for additional solving strategies. I would like to add them in such a way that they help you learn the more advanced solution strategies, rather than just doing all the work for you.

    3. Not at this time. However, I would like to add that capability as I come to understand the puzzle-creation strategies better.

    This FAQ page is a work in progress, so your good suggestions are welcome.

    E-Mail puzzle and program-related comments to: Gary G
    Please put "SUDOKU" (in caps, without the quotes) in the subject line so that your email is not filtered out as "junk" email. Thanks.
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