Video Image Presentation Systems

Video Image Presentation Systems has been in existance since 1985, working on many different custom interactive applications. Interactive videodiscs are often used to provide the highest quality full-motion video, i.e. for kiosks in Museums, Trade Shows, or various Point-Of-Purchase applications.

Our extensive network of expert associates in almost any interactive, technical, video, media, or fabrication area allows us to tackle almost any job. We specialize in doing the job that you need done.

We pride ourselves in quality, dependable work. We are willing to talk to you about almost any project or need that you have. Often, we have either thought about or worked on some similar project in the past.

Please do not send us Confidential Information without our permission - we will just have to return it without opening it. To do our best for you (using our previous experience) and for others to come, we prefer to avoid the confidential process until it becomes really necessary. Usually, you can discuss your project with us in terms that do not "give it away".

For further information, you may contact Gary Giddings via E-Mail, phone at (949) 951-9169.

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