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Video Image Presentation Systems

Video Image Presentation Systems designs, implements, and maintains useful and efficient Internet World Wide Web sites for businesses. Many millions of people from over 100 countries have virtually instant access to the information you want them to have about:

The process is simple: You just let us know what you do and how you want to appear to the world. Here at Video Image, we work closely with our clients, to determine exactly what words and pictures to use. Your existing company or product descriptions, existing color pictures, and perhaps a company logo will probably be sufficient to get your site started. Of course, we will need to know what you want to say about yourself.

It is relatively inexpensive to put yourself in front of millions of people. Small sites can cost as little as $50 or $100 per month, plus some startup costs. You can try a short-term committment to see if you like it. Typically, if you pay for 6 months in advance, you get a 7th month for FREE (or some other pay-in-advance discount). Ask us to become your WWW experts.

Usually, the Design of your Home Pages, the initial setup and implementation of your WWW site, and ongoing modifications can be budgeted to fit your needs and still managed to fit within your budget. If you tell us where you want to limit the costs, we can usually tell you what you can get.

If you wish or have the need, we can build a more complex Web site for you that would allow your customers to:

You can usually generate more repeat business when you have an ongoing dialog between your company and your clients. Give your clients somewhere to refer their friends, and an easy way to make "suggestions". Everyone will benefit.

Usually, there is little need for a private server. However, if you need a private or on-site server, we can usually help you make that decision. Then, we can help you get set up and make the transition.

We understand how to "advertise" your Web site throughout the Internet. We normally arrange to have carefully-worded descriptions of your business or offerings entered into major indicies throughout the net. For example, if you offer vacation packages, people looking for "travel" or "vacations" should be able to find your company (your Web site) relatively easily, just using those key words and one of the common internet search engines.

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