Gary Giddings, PhD.

DBA - Video Image Presentation Systems

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Employment History

DBA - Video Image Presentation Systems, (23 years, 1985 - 2008)

25062 Linda Vista Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 951-9169, reference Gary Giddings, Owner.

I provide technical consulting, software programming, and custom hardware design.
Major client manufactures Mastering machines for CD, DVD, and Blu-ray.

Client references on request.

Pioneer Video, Inc., (3 years, 1982 - 1985)

5150 E. Pacific Coast Hwy., Long Beach, CA 90804
(213) 498-0300, reference Ron Butler, VP, or Geoff Tully, Director.

I provided Technical Support for Marketing and Customers in the programming, interfacing, and use of interactive Videodiscs. Education, manual writing, and work with customers to design or improve their applications was typical.

I provided technical input to the Pioneer Japanese R&D labs on player enhancements and new player design.

I designed and implemented custom player enhancements for novel applications.

DiscoVision Associates, PO Box 6600, Costa Mesa, CA, (1980-1982)

(714) 957-3000, Reference Ron Clark

Product enhancement, including idea conceptualization, architectural design, implementation and debug, documentation, marketing support, and training classes.

Technical support to customers in programming and interfacing of videodisc players and computers, and in architecture and programming of interactive videodisc applications: Sears ECatalog, Mexico Tourism, Bank of America Teller Training, etc.

Customized microprogramming of players to create a "new product" and for their use as Quality Control tools in the videodisc manufacturing process. Suggested automation techniques in Manufacturing Quality Control.

IBM Corp, Research Department, (12 years, 1967 - 1980)

Monterey and Cottle Roads, San Jose, CA
(408) 256-2085, Reference Jean-Paul Jacob, Manager

As a technical consultant for the Videodisc Technology's marketing staff, my suggestions in graphics, telecommunications, system architecture, and authoring systems were incorporated into the videodisc product strategies. I implemented an example authoring system in order to illustrate my suggestions.

As a consultant to IBM Germany for 6 months, in the area of Interactive Graphics Products, I aided a new-product rollout with strategy suggestions and technical details, adapting or creating various graphics applications for marketing staff education and use, and customer demonstrations.

Design and implementation of digital hardware and computer software for various interactive graphics applications. Designed and a built color display hardware system and designed and programmed the supporting software.

Prior Positions

Software Experience

Patents and Invention Disclosures



Four Videodisc player technical manuals and User's guides.

Two Videodisc Programming manuals.

Three IBM Journal papers.
Four IBM Research Reports.


         Grade Point of 4.0/4.0 in undergraduate engineering, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, with a 3.97/4.0 in graduate school. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu.

         University of California Alumni Scholarship, 1959 and 1960. La Verne Alexander Platt Scholarship, 1961 General Electric Grant, 1965 and 1966 American Field Service exchange student to Norway, 1958


I am able to quickly learn technical concepts, and then explain or teach the significance and implications of these concepts to someone else, using terms that are meaningful and familiar to them.

My training and experience in electronics and computer digital circuit design, fabrication, and debug, along with extensive computer programming, have served me well in the development of experimental and custom user-oriented systems.

My experience in teaching and my ability to "play-the-user" have been valuable in my development of systems and applications that are human- factor conscious, yet implemented with reasonable cost and performance.

My imagination and ability to gain insight into a whole process from beginning to end help in optimizing global system architecture and determining the compatibility of individual subparts. With my ability to understand all of the processes and end results of an application, I can look for innovative solutions that improve upon the simple computerization of existing sub-processes.

I feel that proposed solutions to problems are too often based upon the perceived constraints of an existing technology, rather than upon the requirements of the problem itself. As technology changes, it is usually beneficial to understand the problems from basic principles.


I would like to participate in tasks that have the potential of improving the quality of people's lives.

I also enjoy tasks that provide for a technical challenge and for intellectual and professional growth. I enjoy having a continuing opportunity to meet and interact with new people.

I would like to be able to utilize my special mix of experience, talents, and interests in areas that could improve the effectiveness of computer-aided audio-visual and graphic applications, specifically as analysis tools and learning aids for human beings.

I watch for opportunities to work on projects in areas of personal interest. These include the medical areas, astronomy, flying, and opportunities to teach children.


I enjoy the mountains, trees, and clean air.
I hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate for Hot Air Balloons but recently sold my balloon.
With experience in sailplanes and sailboats, I have a strong interest in aviation and navigation. I used to sail more frequently.
I have several Meade telescopes, and I am enjoying Astronomy.
I attempt Metalworking, with a small lathe, a milling machine, and other related tools. With these, I can make special parts as needed.
With many GPS units, I am enjoying learning about GPS applications, particularly vehicle navigation applications.

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